Following the success of this event in June earlier this year, IBPrep will be running its second educational course in reading week in November 2012 and then the third in Christmas break in December.

Getting a job as a trader or any market specialist at one of the leading firms in the City is becoming more and more difficult. With the economic climate deteriorating, banks off laying current work force and the competition further pulling out all the stops – getting that dream job isnt getting any easier. Last recruiting season, 1 in every 5000 people that applied for a City job got what they wanted. At Dynamic Simulations, in partnership with Amplify Trading, IBPrep launched a program aiming to provide all participants with the required skills, knowledge and experience to be the one that makes it through.

This one-week intensive course covers the fundamentals of trading – from making a market and servicing client needs to managing risk and taking on proprietary positions. Forget lecture theatres, every part of this 5 day course is done in a real  trading floor simulated environment, where participants will be put under pressure and pushed to their limits. The result? Solid market knowledge and real trading experience.

James, Edinburgh University (June participant): ‘I had a brilliant time and felt that I gained an unbelievable amount from the course, not just in market knowledge, but also in confidence going into job applications/interviews in general, as well as becoming passionate about the idea of gaining a position as a Sales Trader in an investment bank. Thank you once again, couldn’t have had a better week.’

This course will suit everyone, from first year undergrads wanting to learn about the trading world for the first time, penultimate year students looking to brush up those skills before internship applications or one of those many unlucky students who is finding it impossible to secure a role at a bulge bracket bank.

To find out more, visit You can apply, log in and contact the organisers who have years of trading experience to find out more.



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