General Assembly London
Are you looking to raise seed money for your UK-based startup? How about if we told you you could offer investors at least 50% off their tax-bill and no capital-gains tax in exchange for their investment? They’d be over the moon. SEIS-approved startups are a hot new investment opportunity for UK investors. In this talk students will learn what SEIS is and how it works for both startups and investors. We’ll then we’ll cover all the steps required for gaining an SEIS approval from HMRC, as well as a workshop and Q&A session. Attendees will leave with their own completed SEIS approval, ready for you to print, sign and mail to HMRC (a service usually charged at £500. We’ll show you how to do it for free in only a few minutes) What is SEIS? SEIS is a tax-incentive scheme introduced in the last budget that allows UK startups to raise up to £150,000 in seed funding from UK investors. Those investors receive at least 50% in tax relief and no capital gains tax on their investment. SEIS is open to all UK tax payers wishing to invest in UK companies under 2 years old (and meeting other requirements which we’ll cover in the talk).
Pre-requisites: Attendees should bring a laptop and try and have access to the SEIS starter pack before the start of class. Pratik Sampat is the CEO of Horizon, a London-based Accounting firm specialising in outsourced accounting and finance solutions to entrepreneurs and Tech start-ups.  Adam Burmister is a London-based Kiwi entrepreneur. Over the past year he’s been busy with his own startups, but previously has written a programming book, lead development on the BBC homepage, and been a founding member of
When: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM (BST)
Where: General Assembly London  London, United Kingdom
Sign-Up here
For more opportunities, check out October!

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