How to get the most from LinkedIn

“Think of LinkedIn as the website that does for your career what Facebook did for your social life” – Barry Furby

Social media – everyone loves talking about it. With so many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr to get your head around, why link up on LinkedIn too?

LinkedIn is a global professional social networking site, with over 80 million members and growing. It allows members to network for a variety of business purposes; simply keeping in touch, advertising job opportunities, actively recruiting people, attracting clients to your business or discussing new ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use it for? How will it work for me?

– To find people within your network (your network being people you are connected to, and then through them your 2nd and 3rd degree connections)

– To find people in your network who might be able to support your MBA project

– To get recommended by other people to advertise your capabilities. This function is hugely useful – these references or ‘recommendations’ can be displayed on your profile, and really sell your skills to potential employers or clients.

– To join networks. The potential and diversity here is huge; from alumni networks or university related such as the Imperial College Business School LinkedIn Group, to industry-specific groups for legal professionals, for example, or online media professionals, or management personnel… The list is endless, and these are fantastic ways of meeting like-minded people interested in the same areas as yourself.

Do employers really use it?

Yes, they really do. Interestingly, many job-hunting graduates seem to have their doubts about the effectiveness of LinkedIn, but the truth is recruiters actively use it to scope out potential candidates, and four in ten companies admit they check out candidates on social networks, with LinkedIn as their top choice.

How do I make sure my profile is as good as possible?

With recruiters increasingly searching on LinkedIn and also using the site to advertise jobs, it is important that your profile is kept up-to-date and reflects your key skills and personal interests. Consider it a marketing tool to sell yourself to potential employers. It is worth bearing in mind that when an employer searches for a candidate’s name in Google, LinkedIn is likely to be the first listing displayed in the search results.

Social media recruitment specialist Barry Furby recommends, “Photos should be smart and friendly, and language should be articulate and accurate.”

“Ask past colleagues to write recommendations about you,” he says. “Next, start joining groups relevant to your career. Ask and answer questions, find out about events and generally be visible to all the right people in your industry.”

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