Advice Update – Inside Buzz

Lost in a sea of similar careers sites, all professing to be useful but actually only really providing the same generic morale boosting tips for that ever-evasive and frustrating job search?

Looking for the lowdown on graduate employers, law firms and careers in consultancy or investment banking? Look no further.

Inside Buzz provides access to downloadable insider guides to these key areas (and more!) – all you have to do is sign up for free unlimited access.

Additionally, the website is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in other sectors including retailmedia and publishingengineering and IT & Telecom, offering insight into companies and potential employers, career advicerankings, as well as extremely useful test preparation for everything from Assessment Centres, numerical and verbal reasoning tests, to the Civil Service E-tray exercise… in addition to the free downloadable guides listed below! Available guides (all 2013 editions) are:

An Inside Look at Accounting Firms

An Inside Look at Consulting

An Inside Look at Law Firms

An Inside Look at Graduate Employers

An Inside Look at Investment Banking

An Inside Look at Investment Banking Employers

Good luck!

The Ivy City Team


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